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Who is this event for?

  • The workshop is designed to bring together a diverse group of participants to promoete diversity of throught and experience. The teams will include warfighters to ensure that concept designs have a warfighter centric focus.
  • Navy personnel will not be selected on rank and may include junior officers or sailors, through to Commanders. Navy peresonnel will wear civilian atire
  • Additionally APS personnel, DSTG, representatives from across the broader ADF, Industry, Startups and Academia will be mixed in amongst teams.
  • Chief of Navy (CN) Commander's Intent 2020 states that he seeks to provide a Defence and Navy values driven environment that encourages " those Australians who are looking to be part of something bigger, to see in our Navy the attributes of a unique, representative and inclusive organisation worthy of their commitment and service" - CN
  • If this reasonates with you, please apply.

Workshop scenario

A scenario will be provided to participants during the workshop, with a tactical-floor style briefing provided on commencement of the workshop. This scenario will also be worked on offline by some ships companies who wish to contriute to the outcomes of the Navy Warfare Innovation Workshop

Post workshop activities

Selected ideas with operational merit for investment / further review / prototyping / implementation will have an appropriate 2* allocated as the ‘Idea Sponsor’ who will work with WIN to take the idea to the ‘next step’. This might be as simple as:

  • an industry partner saying an idea might be explored for further R&D
  • DST aligning an idea with other research projects
  • an academic institution offering a research track for an idea or shaping their future research
  • Navy providing dedicated funding for capability development.

When and where?


  • Join us 7-10 Dec, 2020
  • Perth start is Dec 7 afternoon to allow for time difference
  • Online and Sydney start is Dec 8 morning 2020
How long:
  • The commitment is for the entire 3.5 days in Perth and 3 days for Online or in Sydney or other AEDT locations. Part-time attendance is not available as there is team based syndicate work.
  • The hybrid in person online offering of the workshop is subject to demand in locations. It is antiicapated that the Sydney location at Garden Island Defence Preciinct wiill go ahead on early demand.
  • Perth location will be at HMAS Stirling on a standby basis based on demand.
  • Darwin, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne and Adelaide offerings will be based on demand.


The purpose of the workshop is to bring Navy War Fighters working at the coal face together with Academia, Industry and DST(G) to discuss Navy's War Fighting challenges and ideate potential future solutions to improve Navy capability. These insights will provide non Navy participants an opportunity to shape their focus and existing innovation investments towards solving problems and opportunities relating to Navy. Navy in turn seeks to gain insights and potential solutions to these problems and opportunities from its new partners.

Workshop objective

Apply human-centred design, start-up inspired innovation tools with emerging technologies to develop concepts to counter threats in a proposed scenario. Broader objectives of the NWIW include:

  • provide an environment that encourages "those Australians who are looking to be part of something bigger, to see in our Navy the attributes of a unique, representative, and inclusive organisation worthy of their commitment and service." - CN Commander's Intent 2020
  • provide Navy people and collaborators with the opportunity to investigate the art of the possible. To say ‘wouldn’t it be good if Navy could (Insert whacky idea) ... to develop innovative concepts to fight and win at sea;
  • enhancing Next Generation Navy’s innovation culture and uplift of skills by providing high performance and diverse innovation teaming experiences;
  • empower Navy as a learning organisation that encourage continuous improvement and innovation for an edge at all levels, as normal behaviour;
  • strengthen transformational relationships and collaboration called for by the Navy Industry Engagement Strategy - across and beyond Navy;
  • leverage expertise within industry and academia for positive disruption;
  • provide DST(G), industry and academia insight into Navy war fighting priorities and constraints from a ‘user perspective’ so that their own innovation programs might focus on solving Navy issues; and
  • enable greater appreciation for technical and operational viewpoints.

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